Whisky Tasting Event in Panama - degustación de whisky en Panamá

Our whisky tasting event in Panama is great places to explore brands you love and discover ones you don’t. There is so much to learn at one of these events but here are some tips to enjoy your evening at Grapes Restauarant and Bar even more:

Prepare your body

Eat and drink plenty of food and water throughout the day.

Do not get too drunk

Apart from regretting it in the morning you will not remember which whisky that you enjoyed the most so that you can invest in them for your home.

Socialize in our whisky tasting event in Panama

Whisky shows are the best places for meeting like-minded individuals who enjoy a dram or two, so talk to people. Don’t just look away when you awkwardly meet eyes over a shot glass.  Actually, speak and you might find you’ve made some friends by the end of the day.

There is also a great opportunity to glean some knowledge from bartenders and producers. Ask questions, engage, and get to know the people behind the drink. Who knows what you might stumble across!

Try things that you think that you may not like

Explore a little, push the metaphorical boat out of the Whisky ocean (oh wouldn’t that be the dream) and see what happens! All those big names had to start somewhere, and you might just discover the next big thing in the Whisky world.

Whisky is not the only thing in the world

The Whisky tasting events at Grapes Restaurant and Bar come with cheese or biscuit to keep your pallet refreshed

Do not go cheap

No one likes that guy going round asking for free stuff, trying to milk it for all he can. Chill out and embrace anything that comes your way, when it comes your way.

The venue

Tucked away in one of Panama’s most historic and graceful buildings in the heart of Casco Viejo, Grapes Restaurant & Bar delights discerning guests with its elegant atmosphere and international cuisine. Located just steps from the Presidential Palace, this award-winning restaurant holds Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

In the Heart of Panama, a celebration of global culinary style. Located in one of Panama’s most historic and distinguished buildings, Grapes Restaurant & Bar serves award-winning international cuisine and handcrafted cocktails in an intimate, elegant setting. Original walls, French doors and archways create an atmosphere of style and sophistication for lunch and dinner.

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