Surprise Party Venue in Panama City

There is no greater feeling than having all your friends or colleugues  surprise you with a party that you had no idea about! We have the perfect surprise party venue in Panama City!

The party could be for your birthday, work milestone or achievement that you hade made.

The team at Grapes Restaurant and Bar are experts when it comes to surprise birthday parties and we are all set up a great event.

Keeping the event a surprise

Has the birthday boy or girl been sold a convincing lie? Do they think they’re going out to the pub when really you’ve invited their closest friends and family for a big surprise party?

Some things that you have to think about:

  • What is the budget for the party?
  • Letting everyone else know the exact details without spinning the beans
  • Getting everyone to the event before the party boy/ girl
  • What typeof food do you want. Buffet or full service?
  • A location which is convenient for everyone
  • The personality of the person in whose honour you are throwing this party

Type of location – Surprise Party Venue in Panama City

It is probably better to hire a smaller, concealed  venue where tt can be easier to hide in a slightly smaller space,

This is especially important if the person is shy or introverted.

If you are looking to hire an elegant space for your events Grapes Restaurant and Bar is the place for you.

  • We have the following room options for your event in our private event venue in Panama.
  • Book main Grapes restaurant. Maximum 45 diners – minimum 16
  • Book our upstairs function room Green Grapes with its unique Italian design. This also has a Maximum 45 diners – minimum of 16
  • Book our private salon within Green Grapes which can accommodate 14 diners

Food selections and drink packages are fully customizable for lunch and dinner.  Choose between buffet, a la carte or cocktail style to celebrate your event in style.

Our expert team of event planners are on hand to make your celebration a success, so that you can relax and enjoy your revelries. Delicious catering and exquisite drinks are the crowning glory of what will be a night to remember for you and your guests.

We love showing people around Grapes Restaurant and Bar, so whatever celebration or occasion you are planning, we encourage you to get in touch and arrange a time to see our beautiful event space.