Secretary's Day Lunch in Panama - Almuerzo del Día de la Secretaria en Panamá

Secretary’s day is a day observed in Grapes Restaurant and Bar celebrate the work that secretaries, assistants and other administrative staff do. Show your appreciation with the best Secretary’s Day lunch in Panama.

Behind every successful business there is a devoted and hardworking secretary, personal assistant, receptionist and front desk operator. Grapes Restaurant and Bar celebrates these special staff members with an afternoon of pampering and entertainment to recognise the work of secretaries, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals.

One cannot deny that the amount of work that these efficient secretaries do is fast paced and energy consuming and it is not to be under – estimated. These are the people with the toughest jobs but still do it with a bright smile on their faces, even if they are having a really bad day. They ought to be celebrated!

History of Secretary’s Day

This day came to be observed during World War II, when there was a critical shortage of administrative staff in the US. Also, the fact that there were critically low birth rates due to the Great Depression and the general disinterest in the field among the population meant that there were not enough personnel to fill these jobs.

This, therefore, meant the ones that were available had to do all the work and despite the workload dumped on them. Recognizing this problem, The National Secretaries Association was formed to recognize the contributions of administrative personnel to the economy, support their personal

To celebrate this day, secretaries were given chocolates, flowers or treated to lunch as a token of appreciation from their employers.

Secretary’s Day lunch in Panama

At Grapes Restaurant and Bar, we are taking this perfect chance to celebrate this day with you. We will be hosting a Secretary’s day lunch in 2019.

Spoil your secretaries with well-deserved time off to unwind and rejuvenate with cocktails and a 3-course culinary experience .

Come along and join us in the indulgence in simple yet elegant food on the day.

View our menu of the day and book now to save your spot to avoid missing out on the best Secretary’s Day lunch in Panama.