Our second-floor dining room has a more intimate salon for your event. Our private dining room in Casco Viejo can serve up to 8 guests in an exclusive, quiet and luxurious space. Each event will be planned to suit your special needs, complete with a private waiter dedicated to giving you the most exceptional service all night long.

Our private dining room in Casco Viejo is accessible either through the restaurant and while discreetly hidden away from view it is nonetheless very much part of the restaurant, this is a perfect place to have a dinner with friends, family and colleagues.

We can organize an elegant and sophisticated evening for you and your guests. You can come to celebrate the closing of a successful business deal, a personal achievement or a private party to start a good business relationship. Or you can simply book it to celebrate a special moment with your loved ones.

No matter the reason, in Grapes you will always find the best service, delicious Mediterranean cuisine with an international taste, great wine list and unexpected handmade cocktails to make your evening unforgettable.

We care that your experience is the best each time you visit us

We care that your experience is special each time you visit us.

You can choose appetizers from our menu such as the Beef Carpaccio, topped with arugula and flakes of parmesan cheese or Crispy Prawns wrapped in thin pastry, accompanied by coconut and curry sauce while good options for the main course are Wild Risotto, served with a variety of mushrooms (portobello, shiitake and white mushrooms) or a Salmon Fillet, prepared grilled, topped with marañon seeds and cilantro sauce.

You can order drinks from our extensive wine lit or choose a handmade cocktail selected from our menu or a special request that our team will make to your order. We can also recommend wines by the glass or bottle to accompany each course during your private dinner.

Guests can experience the same exceptional service, delicious food and ambient style of Grapes Restaurant & Bar in a more intimate setting with an exclusive experience, which we will ensure is tailored to your specific requirements