Bachelor Party Dinner in Panama - cena de despedida de soltero en Panamá

Panama is one of the best bachelor party destinations in the world with hot weather all year long. Panama has a great list of activities for the day and night. This is the perfect place for a bachelor party dinner in Panama.

Day Time Activities

These are possible things to do during the day:

  • Hanging at a pool, beach, lake
  • Sailing/Fishing
  • Golf
  • Canal Visit

Where to stay

There are numerous places where to stay in Panama either in Casco Viejo (the old town) or in the very high rise new town (think of New York, Hong Kong, etc)

Night Time Activities

Most of the best bars and restaurants are located in Casco Viejo but the best Casinos and Nightclubs are in new town.

  • Bar crawls in Casco Viejo
  • Beer gardens
  • Rooftop bars
  • Casinos
  • Gentlemen’s Clubs

Dinner Time

At the center of every bachelor party, there should be a great dinner. This is one of the most important meals you’ll have as a single man, so you want to plan it right.

You must find the best restaurant for your group of friends

See if the place has any private rooms you can afford. You won’t have to scream to be heard, but you can be as rowdy as you like without scaring any children or offending any old folks.

Your guests will probably spend at least part of the meal busting your balls. In fact, it wouldn’t be a good bachelor party if they didn’t. You’ll have to grin and bear it. But if there’s something you really don’t want brought up—maybe because your father-in-law is going to be there, for instance, or you’re worried your fiancee will get wind of it—make sure the best man (or whoever you’ve appointed as the evening’s emcee) is aware.

Grapes Restaurant and Bar – Bachelor party dinner in Panama

Tucked away in one of Panama’s most historic and graceful buildings in the heart of Casco Viejo, Grapes Restaurant has an elegant atmosphere and international cuisine. Located just steps from a number of top rooftop bars it is the ideal place to start the big evening. The restaurant holds Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Grapes has an upstairs function room called Green Grapes with a unique Italian design. Green Grapes caters for a maximum of a maximum 45 guests with a minimum of 16

It is possible to arrange a theme based dinner from our extensive wine list and liquors such as a whisky tasting evening.

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