Planning the perfect date night can be a headache for many and a dream for others. There are many variables that can help you achieve that goal: where to go, what time, what to wear, and many variables that can help make your date unforgettable. Grapes Restaurant & Bar is the most romantic restaurant in Casco Viejo Panama.

The best way to plan the perfect date is to choose an amazing place. We are the place to go if you want a perfect date, our dining floor is the perfect spot for getting cozy, to share enriching experiences to make the moment enjoyable.

This is a fact that 70% of women think that the perfect date includes a delicious dinner in a pleasant place. That’s why on Tuesday we have a weekly event: Date Night, we create the perfect environment so you can know better and have fun with that special someone that is in your life.

The step one is to make a reservation in a romantic restaurant in Casco Viejo, it will show your partner this will show your partner that you are in front of things and that you are able to plan and be organized. You also make sure that we have a table reserved for your name, in the place of your preference, if you want to sit near the piano to enjoy dinner or at the bar for a few drinks a few cocktails or a glass of wine before dinner, let us know. We want to help you make your date night perfect and unforgettable.

At dinner you can start with a Smoked Salmon Table, smoked salmon flakes, served with baby capers, purple onion, boiled egg and cream cheese, or a Crunchy Arepitas, corn tortillas filled with Angus meat, ripe plantain, Panamanian homemade cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Take dinner from ordinary to extraordinary with a delicious main dish, you can choose between Past and Rissotos, Fish, Poultry or Meat. Ask your partner what prefers and chooses for you something that fills you with energy and romance.

In Grapes, we know that the pleasure of a meal should stimulate all the senses that is why we care that our dishes are aesthetically exquisite and delicious on the palate, and during the dinner our piano will play live music to create a private and cozy atmosphere in our restaurant in Casco Viejo.

You focus on keeping an interesting conversation, the right eye contact and a relaxed body posture to create empathy with your partner. Act naturally and do not try to pretend to try to impress him, although deep down, let us help you in this last task with our wine list from France, Italy, Argentina and worldwide labels that can impress your partner.

In our Date Night in Casco Viejo you can enjoy a gin and tonic, best defined by its diversity and variety. Led by artisanal tonic makers and our creative bartenders, the 21st-century gin and tonic might equally feature elaborate garnishes, unusual extracts and elixirs, and other unique additions.

Remember that the first date is not exactly a relaxing experience because your nerves and expectations invade you, but it does not have to be a reason to martyr yourself. The key to being perfect is to be as transparent and natural as possible.

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