International Film Festival Panama

International Film Festival Panama (IFF Panama) started in 2012 and has established position in the film circuit of Latin America.

The film industry in Panama and its surrounding countries is rapidly evolving into a world-class destination. Increasingly, works from this region are not only finding their way to the world’s most prestigious festivals, but garnering top critical recognition as well.

The festival, designed to cast a spotlight on the emerging film industry in Panama and Central America, features works by up and coming filmmakers from the area.

The film festival has a number of programs

Special Presentations

Special Presentations is comprised of films with a unique historical or contemporary context. These films are screened once and they all come with special guests that will share their personal insight with audiences.

Family Screenings

A special space for parents and children, grown-ups and kids, to come together and enjoy the magic of cinema, this program highlights the best of today’s most colorful films and provides a glimpse of family life elsewhere.

Iberoamerican Portal

Smart, inventive and entertaining, our selection of Ibero-American fiction and documentary films includes some of the most exciting new work from established and emerging filmmakers alike.

Stories from Central America and The Caribbean

Films from this narrow isthmus and neighboring islands are gaining ground and finding their own voice. IFF Panama is proud of its forum for showcasing these stories that resonate with us in such a personal way.

International Portal

From internationally renowned award-winning films to some of the most ambitious and provocative cinematic visions, this showcase brings together must-see new films from the world’s most celebrated talents.

Green Program

the power of cinema is directly and poetically reflected through our Green Program. Films that motivate introspection and demand our attention are part of this new section of IFF Panama’s selection.

Dinner Venue after International Film Festival Panama

After a busy day at the movies you are sure to be feeling a little bit peckish.

Where better to enjoy a post cinema meal with some live music than at Grapes Restaurant and Bar in the heart of Casco Viejo. Panama.

Located a few steps from the Presidential Palace, Grapes Restaurant & Bar is an oasis in the middle of the busy Casco Viejo, with its characteristic style that reflects the history of this ancient construction.

You will receive a warm welcome to a unique place where elegance is intertwined with good service so that the client feels appreciated. Inside the restaurant, the contrast between the modern and the classic is mixed, with a cozy space that has wide tables to offer the best experience.

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