Award Night Venue in Panama | lugar para una premiación en Panamá

Organising an awards ceremony in Panama is a big deal and they must be done well. We have the perfect award night venue in Panama.

The idea of a reward ceremony is to thank and honour individuals. The events provide great marketing, motivation, incentive and external accolades.

Award ceremonies give the opportunity to show worth and excellence in front of contemporaries, to stand out from the crowd in thinking, doing and achievements.

Winning awards gives third-party endorsements, credibility and peer to peer recognition. They create motivation, targets, and team cohesion – working together for a shared aim.

We know what great awards look like and we like to play host. We know that, Grapes Restaurant and Bar, our unique award night venue will be an excellent choise.

Fantastic Cuisine

To create prestige takes prestigious surroundings and fine food and drink – a banquet fit for the very best in your chosen community.

Remember, award presentations are long occasions often with large amounts of awards to present. The menu needs to complement this, keep things moving or create a break for conversation and networking. Food works to settle an audience.

Equally, great food becomes part of the event. Many tables will have people that are yet to meet, and food (and of course wine) is the perfect icebreaker and conversation starter.

Event organisers need to draw the tricky line between the sound of popping champagne bottles on one side of the room, whilst others wait in anticipation to see if it is their night. For those celebrating, great wine, champagne and cocktails are the perfect way to see out the night in style. Making it a truly memorable occasion.

What do I need for an unforgettable awards ceremony in Panama?

Make sure you have a venue which will wow your guests, and a presenter who can make them laugh. Also make sure that festivities can carry on well into the night – for many industries this is the big evening of the year and they will want to celebrate.

What makes a great venue for an award ceremony?

It’s important to have the space for everyone to be sat cabaret style for their meal. This can take a lot of space so make sure the venue is large enough. It’s also important for there to be a separate area for guests to network before and after the show. A convenient location also ensures a high turnout.

What is the best format for an award ceremony?

It’s important to celebrate the winners of an award ceremony, but you also must remember that guests won’t want to listen to awards all night. Keep the awards section short, uplifting and snappy, and make sure that your guests have time to network with each other.

So let’s give them an evening that befits the occasion.